Outsourcing & Manufacturing Services

Across the whole Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences value chain, Pharmaserv Engineers use their wealth of industry based experience, knowledge and expertise to help our clients evaluate their strategic business options, improve management and control, and identify cost saving initiatives.

About Us

We provide the people, equipment, expertise and technology that support the exploration, development, production and transportation of our resources. We’ll give you the technical data and information required to design, construct and maintain your structures and infrastructure in a safe, reliable and efficient manner.

We deliver earth and engineering data services, from project preparation through to data acquisition, processing, analysis and interpretation, reporting and consulting. Our services are specifically designed to support your engineering design and large structure building projects. Our aim is to de-risk major investment decisions. This includes providing you with information and advice about the best way to locate and build the foundations of your production platform, manufacturing equipments (such as Pass Box, Laminar Air Flows, AHU’s, Filters - Hepa Filters & Pre Filters), large buildings and infrastructure, as well as how to strengthen levels. We also go further to undertake related inspection, maintenance, repair, installation and light construction support services. Read More



Pharmaserv Engineers employees share a set of core values. We believe that incorporating these values as basic elements of our business dealings will result in delivering professional high quality services to you and building the trust.

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Our Services

Working closely with our clients, ranging from small entrepreneurial life science companies to large global corporations, we aim to achieve increased performance by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of a company’s key business operations.

Repair & Maintenance of Laminar Air Flows

Manufacturing, Repairs & Maintenance of Pass Box

Repairs & Maintenance of AHU

Replacement & Cleaning of Filters

Repairs & Maintenance of Tunnels


Cleaning & Painting in Clean Room